Friday, April 27, 2012

What About Your Friends?

Last weekend I traveled to Atlanta to support two friends who have started their own Event Management and Entertainment Company. Another friend picked me up from the airport and we proceeded to pick up another friend who was flying in for the night on her way to Haiti. The five of us hung out in the lobby of the hotel drinking, chatting and laughing. We shared our dreams, discussed our successes and laughed at our failures. We cheered each other on and encouraged each other to go for it, regardless of what "it" was. 

On Saturday evening, we all attended a concert where we were joined by 4 other friends. More drinking, chatting, laughing, sharing and encouraging took place. We danced until after midnight and as quickly as the group came together, we separated; vowing to see each other again soon - maybe in LA, Vegas, Montego Bay, Paris, Thailand or Dubai. 

Sunday morning I headed to the airport, mentally recapping the weekend. I smiled as I thought about my friends, and suddenly I realized that I have known 6 of these individuals for less than 48 hours and the other two for less than 6 months, yet I felt as if I have known all of them a lifetime!  I laughed.  This is the madness that is Nomad·ness!

Ahhhh yes, the Nomad·ness Travel Tribe, AKA The Tribe, was created by Evita Robinson and stemmed from her travel series Nomad·ness TV.  This is a place where likeminded individuals can gather to show why they are nomads. Where you can post your own stories, photos, videos, and travel plans. Where friends are made and support of a nomad lifestyle is given. Where there is no judgment, no "but why" - only answers and recommendations.  Where you can travel across the world with one post and hundreds of comments. Where there is always someone to talk to. Someone who understands your unquenchable need to go, to see, to do.

This group of almost 2,000 members have become my lifeline. We talk on a daily basis. We keep up with each others comings and goings. We kick each other in the butt when needed. We jump on an internet connection and find flights for stranded members.  We open our cities and our homes for visiting members.  We hop on flights to attend events, or to simply meet each other.   We text, Skype, and Face Time day and night because we can't sleep. And neither can the person on the other end because he or she is up looking for the next destination - just like you. 

I am constantly in awe at the wonderfulness that is The Tribe.  Jumping on flights, exploring the world, making a difference and changing the face of travel.  My life has been greatly impacted by these new friendships.  Friendships that inspire, encourage and motivate.  I am no longer intimidated by my desire to see the world and get lost in it all because I know that no matter where I land, there will be a Tribe member close.  I know that no matter what, success or failure, I have a friend (or 2,000). 

This is Nomad·ness!!!

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