Friday, November 25, 2016

My "Year of 50!"


Yesterday was my 49th birthday (YaY Me!).  Now, I have to tell you, I have not been very excited about the idea of turning 50.  But a few months ago I came up with the idea of celebrating my birthday for the entire year leading up to this monumental birthday.  So I put together  a list of places I would love to go and things I would love to see.  I decided to top off the  celebration with an epic trip to Africa with family and friends.
I talked to some people about this idea, and as you can imagine, I encountered some serious #SideEye moments.  I heard things like "you're crazy" or "that won't happen".  Last week I talked to a financial advisor about some financial goals and even he told me that I should scale my "Year Of 50!" dreams down a bit. 
So I was bummed and they had me reworking my plans.  But Lookie - Lookie at what #PepsiCo told me in a birthday email.  Who knew such inspiration could come via junk mail from my sugary lover?
I now have new a sense of determination.  I will LIVE life.  I will make MY travel dreams come true.  I will EXPLORE new destinations.  I will make NEW friends.  I will LEARN new things.  I will have amazing EXPERIENCES.
I don't have all the pieces in place, and I don't know if I want them there.  All I know is that today is the first day of my journey. 
Join Me!!
Angela Myers
2 Girls & a Bikini

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Whoot-Whoot:  It's Election Day!



Happy Election Day 2016!!

Today is the day that our country will elect its 45th President.  Along with all 435 voting-member seats in the United States House of Representatives, and 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate, twelve state governorships, two territorial governorships, and numerous other state and local elections!  WoW.....

Now, I'm not here to tell you WHO to vote for.  I'm just here as a reminder to VOTE.  And when you are done voting, do what I did and book a flight!  You don't have to go far - or spend lots of cash.  Scanning The Flight Deal this morning, I saw:
  • Philadelphia to Rome for less than $500
  • New York to Chicago for less than $100
  • Los Angeles to Peru for less than $400
  • Seattle to New Orleans for less than $300
And there are plenty more deals out there!

I'm here to encourage you to travel to all the places your heart desires.  Go visit friends/family in other cities/countries.  Go and actually see that landmark that has been your screensaver for way too long.  Go sit on a beach, or in a museum.  Take a double decker bus tour.  Hop on a train, a boat, a scooter.  Take a solo journey.  Or grab a group of friends - and just go!

Yesterday, I lost a friend.  A friend that I met while I was traveling through Thailand.  He lived his life with no regrets and traveled the world with no fear.  Today, I want to be a little more like him.  Today I want all of us to be a little more like him.

Travel Safe My Friends.....

Founder, 2 Girls & A Bikini