Sunday, August 21, 2011


A few people have asked me, "why 2 Girls & A Bikini.  what's it all about?", and my standard answer is "WHY NOT"?!  Why not have a place where people can share travel experiences and learn about new travel destinations.  A place where you can share your favorite travel memories…a place to read about other travelers’ experiences…a place to find current sales without spending all day surfing the internet…a place to post questions about destinations you are considering…or a place to go and simply daydream while staring at pictures of far off places. Why not?

2 Girls & a Bikini was created for my friends and family who are always asking me about my travel plans and how they can join me on my “adventures”.  Some friends believe that I have a, ummmm, sponsor.  Really, I just do the research, find the best deals and plan early.  For instance, I already have two vacations planned for 2012!  Crazy?  Maybe.  But planning in advance allows me to have my vacations completely paid for prior to traveling AND it gives me something to look forward to.

So why 2 Girls & A Bikini…WHY NOT?  Why not cruise the French Riviera?  Why not snorkel the clear blue waters of St.Maarten?  Why not lounge on the beaches of Aruba?  Why not party the night away in Cancun or sway your hips to some reggae in Jamaica?

Why not…even if it’s just via a Facebook page or blog – for now.

Happy Traveling!


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