Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm a Cancun addict

My name is Angela and I am a Cancun addict.

They say admitting is the first stepping to recovery, however if there's a cure for this...y'll know the rest. I can't say when my addiction to the clear blue water of the area began, but I started visiting this Spring Break hot spot early in my traveling career. As I have grown and matured, so has my obsession with everything Cancun.

Now some of you may say "Angela, there are better beaches in the Caribbean" and that may be true, but my heart always leads me back to Cancun. Let me give you a few reasons why you can never go wrong with Cancun:

Accessibility - you can get direct flights to Cancun from most major US cities. From Chicago, I can leave home in the morning and have my toes buried in the sand just in time for lunch. As a matter of fact, I am writing this post from a flight to Miami where I will party the night away, hop on a 8:30am flight and be in Cancun (for the third time this year) before I'm even completely awake!  And if you catch a good sale, airfare won't require too much of a sacrifice.

Weather - Between 240 and 253 days of pure sunshine per year, what else is there to say?  I have visited during the winter months and during the summer months. I don't have a preference (hey, I wouldn't be a true addict if I did). Summer is MUCH hotter, so if you don't like extreme heat, this is not the time for you.

Activities - there are activities for every age and skill level.  You can visit an ancient Mayan ruin, see an underwater museum, swim in a Cenote, zipline, visit an ecological park, hike, horseback ride, or my favorite activity - nothing at all. I shared Cancun with a group of friends earlier this year and there was never a lack of activities to keep us occupied. Some of us snorkeled, some did not. Some jet skied, some did not. Some were a little more active, some laid around the pool constantly (no names please).  But all of us had a great time. A few years ago, my children had the pleasure of their first trip to my secret hide out. They boogie boarded and drank virgin strawberry daiquiris from sun up to sun down.  It took at least a week for their tongues to return to it's normal color!

Do it up - or don't, it's totally up to you. From all-inclusive resorts to hotels for budget minded travelers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Where I stay usually depends on the purpose of my trip and the company I'm keeping. My first trip this year was with 2 girlfriends and we lounged around a gourmet all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya for 48 hours then headed home refreshed and ready to tackle what was left of Chicago winter.

Access to other fabulous locations -  from Cancun you can hop on a ferry and visit Isla Mujeres, an island just 8 miles across the Bay of Women, where you can enjoy more beautiful beaches. Or you can head to Playa del Carmen (a fab location all it's own) and hop on a ferry to Cozumel where you can dive or snorkel  Mesoamerica Reef, the largest reef in the Western hemisphere.

Festivals, parties and beach clubs - be careful, you might find yourself in the middle of a dance floor!  Throughout the year, there are festivals and celebrations taking place in Cancun and surrounding areas. I went to the area a few years ago right after the Thanksgiving holiday and found out that the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival was going on - and guess what, it was completely FREE. Yep, jazz on the beach while sipping a margarita, whoot-whoot.  If clubbing is your thang, you will find a variety of places to hang. From hip-hop to rock to reggae to techno to country, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen has some of the best clubs/lounges around.

My most favorite thing about Cancun is that it's never the same place twice. Each trip is a different experience, filled with new activities, or some old favorites if I choose. I am sitting on the plane next to a couple that is staying in Akumal - hmmmm, I've never been there before (wheels turning, looking for my next opportunity to visit).

This trip I'm flying solo, headed to the Mi Casa Holiday taking place in Playa Del Carmen.  This is the 3rd year this event has taken place, but the first time I've attended. I'm excited about the weekend and what's to come.....I think a new adventure is on the horizon.

Stay tuned....


  1. Um, didn't event know you had a blog; thanks for sharing. This is exactly how I feel about Jamaica. Glad you had another fab trip to Cancun! It's a cool place. I loved taking the bus into town and eating and people watching at Parque de las Palapas.

  2. LOL April, that's because I forget I have a blog! I keep saying I'm going to do better with writing on here and developing it. So stay tuned!

    But yes, I absolutely love Cancun, well Playa del Carmen. I can't wait to share Jamaica with you!

  3. I LOVED Cancun when I went last December! It was really chill, but fun at the same time as you mentioned. You can enjoy your trip in many different ways.

  4. Hi! I stumbled on your blog too, fellow Tribe member! And like April I have a similar feeling about Jamaica - and this reminded me of it!! guess I'm not recovered yet ha! Enjoyed reading this!

  5. Hey Lily! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the post. I MUST get to Jamaica in 2012. It's on my list for either May or September.

    LOL...and YES, I am a Tribe member. I have been meaning to post the "Tribe Member" logo on here, but I have just been lazy. I'm going to get that done today!

    Hope to chat with you soon.

  6. Anonymous - I received an email that you left a comment, but I do not see anything on the wall. I tried to view your website but I could not read it. Please email me directly at with any questions you have.